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Unit-23, 3455 Harvester Road, Burlington, Ontario



Abhyanga whole body massage

. Duration:1h 15m··. Price:$125

Ayurvedic Consultation

. Duration:1h 30m··. Price:$125

Ayurvedic face massage

. Duration:30m·. Price:$75

Ayurvedic foot massage

. Duration:30m·. Price:$60

Shirodhara (The third eye treatment0

. Duration:1h·. Price:$150

Follow Up Ayurveda Consultation

. Duration:45m·. Price:$70

About us

At Atharva Ayurvedic Wellness Center, our goal is to maintain every human being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. We work one on one , with every clients to improve their mind , body and soul wellness.

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53 reviews
  • Michelle·

    Dr. Trevedi is very kind and knowledgeable. Within 3 months of starting to work with him my cholesterol went down significantly. Love the treatments.

  • Sonia·

    He is super knowledgeable in healing without any medicine.

  • Ashwini Raghava·

    Atharva clinic offers specialized services. Dr Manish is excellent with the treatments, being very knowledgeable and an expert in Ayurvedic treatments. I and my family have been regularly getting Shirodhara, Abhyanga that are so relaxing, stress relieving and rejuvenating. Both Dr Manish and Kalpana ji are amazing and well experienced. Appreciate their quality of work.

  • Ljilja Pantic·

    It was great experience. Dr. Manish is very understanding and easy to talk.

  • Daiana Duban·

    Manish was very understanding and receptive about my problems. He was very easy to talk to and offered different approaches about how to deal with my overall being. I highly recommend a visit with him. 😀

  • Vinay·

    Manish ji's Shirodhara treatment was an absolutely out-of-the world experience. Hard to put down the extent of deep states of relaxation this treatment takes you if you truly immerse yourself in the process and let the ancient science and healing hands of Manish ji take over. I am so grateful to have found the Atharva Ayurvedic wellness center. Everytime I come here for a treatment, I leave rejeuvenated, energized and ready to take on the world. Kudos to the great work that Manish ji and Kalpana ji are doing to bring this ancient, vedic science to the western world - very much needed in this busy age we live in. Highly recommend the Shirodhara treatment.

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